Silicone tube/pipe
Silica gel plate
Silicone seal/ring
Foaming silica gel products
Silicon sheet
Silicone for heat conduction
Silica mat/cushion
Silicone cloth
Flame retardant silica gel
Silica gel tableware

Glass baby bottle
Silicone braided hose
Silicone Gear Tie
Silicone Baby Feeding Bottle
Silicone ornament
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About us


Shenzhen songxin silicone products Co., Ltd,which was built in 1999.We are major in developing and selling high quality silicone products and high-tech new organic silicon material series.We have one high level technology team over than 200 people.We are always pursuit excellent technique and super quality for our customers satisfactions.


silicone braided hose/high pressure silicone hose

silicone braided hos…

Strengthen the knitting winding silicone tube

Strengthen the knitt…

120ml Glass baby bottle

120ml Glass baby bot…

240ml glass baby feeding bottle

240ml glass baby fee…

120ml glass baby feeding bottle

120ml glass baby fee…

Glass baby milk

Glass baby milk

Glass baby feeding bottle

Glass baby feeding b…

Glass baby feeding bottle

Glass baby feeding b…

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